We are a full service company to meet our clients’ needs :

Due Diligence: Assessment of existing land use entitlements and feasibility of obtaining future land use entitlements for real estate investments purposes, locating land devolpment opportunities.

Government Relations Services: Includes liaison to government officials and managing project applications for General Plan Amendments, Zoning Changes, Environmental Impact Reports, Tentative Maps, Master Plans, Conditional Use Permits, and other discretionary reviews in multiple jurisdictions.

Community Outreach: We successfully implement the mutual gains approach as described by the MIT/Harvard Program on Negotiation with environmental groups, homeowners, residents and the business community.

Policy Issue Management: That which affects all aspects of land use planning, such as affordable housing, air quality, economic, fiscal issues, etc.

Project Management: By applying our broad range of knowledge, skills, tools and resources, we successfully coordinate and resolve issues unique to each particular project.

Project Presentations: Preparation of PowerPoint presentations for public hearings and community meetings. Presentations typically include, but are not limited to, project overview, site photos, architectural renderings, key points, and community issue slides.

Strategic Communications Planning and Implementation: Includes message development, targeting audiences, media relations, grassroots organizing, collateral materials development, community outreach, and advertising.

Expert Witness Services: Through utilization of our diverse depth of knowledge and experience, we effectively provide expert opinions to assist a variety of legal challenges.